Directions to the Ranch:

Find San Luis, Colorado. Begin in San Luis, at the Conoco station on main street.  You will be driving southbound from Ft. Garland. At the Conoco Station, turn east (left). Drive 3 miles to stop sign. Right turn onto County Road 21. Traveling southbound on CR 21, proceed to County Road L.7. Left turn on L.7, you will be driving eastbound. Continue to CR to one of several county roads which go south from L.7. Each of these short roads will take you to County Road M.5, which parallels L..7 , bout 200 yards to 500 yards south.  Take one is these roads (CR 22.5,  23.5, etc.) south to CR M.5.  Left turn on M.5 sends you east. Continue east on M.5 until you reach the large heavy green steel gate, which is the entrance to the North headquarters of Cielo Vista Ranch. Watch for local dogs which are roaming the streets and county roads in the area, at will!